Autum Brown Mixed Patio Pack 18.19 sq.m. (22mm)

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Introducing the Autumn Brown Mixed Patio Pack Sandstone, a stunning and versatile natural stone option for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. This patio pack features a mix of warm, earthy tones that evoke the rich colours of autumn, including varying shades of brown, beige, and tan.

Product Specification:

Total=18.19 Sq.m.


Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving: Natural Elegance for Your Garden

Discover the timeless beauty of Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving, also known as Autumn Blend, a perennial favorite that complements any garden with its diverse natural colors. Ethically sourced, this sandstone imbues your patio with character, offering the enduring charm and appeal unique to natural stone paving. Available in 600×900 pavers or mixed-size Patio Kits, it allows for versatile random laying, enabling you to create a personalized design that fits seamlessly into your outdoor space. Each paver showcases distinct natural tones developed over millennia, enhanced by a riven surface texture that ensures underfoot grip. Suited to the British climate, this Indian stone paving withstands the elements with its robust frost resistance, maintaining its pristine appearance throughout the seasons. Calibrated to a thickness of 22mm, each slab features a riven surface crafted through natural splitting, delivering an authentic finish. Hand-dressed edges further contribute to the organic aesthetic of Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving, imparting timeless allure to any garden setting. As with all natural stone products, expect variations in color, tone, and pattern, highlighting the unique characteristics of each piece. Explore our comprehensive range of product images to appreciate the vibrant hues when wet and the subtle nuances when dry, showcasing the natural beauty of Autumn Brown Sandstone in every environment.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Naturally Riven Surface Texture
  • Hand Dressed Edges
  • Looks Great Wet & Dry
  • CE Approved
DeliveryFree delivery available to most mainland UK. Delivery fee will be charged outside free delivery areas. See our delivery section for more information.
WarrantyNatural Stone 2 Year Warranty
TextureRiven with hand cut edges
Thickness22 mm nominal ( +/- 2-3mm calibration tolerance)
Handcut Sizes4 Mixed Sizes – 600×900; 600×600; 600×290; 290×290
Pack SizeOne full pack 18.9 m2 contains: 16 no. 900×600, 16 no. 600×600,16 no. 600×290 ; 12 no. 290×290. Quantity will vary depending on pack size.
Weight (kg)The full pallet is 1000kg
CoverageThe full pallet will cover 18.9m2 (including gaps).
ApplicationsWe recommend that slabs are primed individually before laying. Please speak to your landscaper for more information.
CoverThe full pallet will cover 18.9m2 (including gaps).
MaterialCE Certified Sandstone

18.9m² Patio Kit



Dimensions18.19 cm




18.19 sqmt


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Material                                 Porcelain
Texture                                  Matte, anti-slip Rated R11
Thickness                              20 mm
Colour                                    White
Finish                                    Smooth surface and sides
Tile                                         size600x900mm
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