Kandla Grey Sandstone 900×600 Slabs Size 19 sqmt (22mm)

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Our high quality Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs are truly an unparalleled choice, delivering a perfect mix of versatility, aesthetics and practicality.


Our high quality Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs are truly an unparalleled choice, delivering a perfect mix of versatility, aesthetics and practicality. Extremely popular in the UK and highly favored by Landscape Designers, Architects, Builders for its innately natural yet contemporary look; each slab displays a beautiful range of light tones that brightens up your area to create an added sense of space. Versatile for patios, gardens, around swimming pools as well indoor spaces; its unique natural finish offers a very pleasing mix of tones of light gray and blue, with transitions in hues across each season of the year. Each slab is unique from the next one, offering pleasing variations in texture, tone and overall design. Extremely hard wearing and requiring minimal maintenance throughout the year, Kandla Gray Sandstone offers exceptional weather resistance throughout the year. A perfect choice at a truly fantastic price from Nitya International.

Providing the finest quality Kandla Gray Sandstone at the Best Prices:

We operate our own stone quarries in India, enabling us to exercise transparent and complete control over quality, inventory, inspections and streamline all aspects of planning to meet our client’s project deadlines. Our Kandla Gray Sandstone Paving Slabs are calibrated to 22mm, unlike thinner/lower quality variants offered by other suppliers in the UK market. We supply our products directly to our clients and do not have any affiliates or middlemen. Although we closely oversee every aspect of our business, our central focus is essentially all about looking after our clients well; offering unparalleled customer service, quality and price. We believe in the products we offer and work relentlessly to deliver on time, on price and at the quality levels our clients expect. We take a very keen interest in our client’s projects and remain hands-on throughout the process.

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Silver Grey 600 Series 4 Mixed Sizes Machine Cut is an exquisite grey sandstone sourced from Kandla, India. This stone is also known as Kandla Grey or Promenade, reminiscent of a sunlit promenade with its warm and inviting hue. Once laid, its unique color truly stands out, adding elegance to any outdoor space. The sandstone undergoes a precise machine calibration process, ensuring each slab maintains a uniform thickness of 22mm with neatly hand-cut edges. This high-quality natural stone is ideal for patios, garden paving, and landscaping projects. As direct importers, we guarantee our products are suitable for British weather conditions and are frost-resistant. To help you avoid unnecessary waste, we offer split packs tailored to your exact meterage needs—note that a split pack fee applies. Enhance your outdoor areas with the timeless beauty and durability of our Silver Grey sandstone from the 600 Series.

DeliveryFree delivery available to most mainland UK. Delivery fee will be charged outside free delivery areas. See our delivery section for more information.
TextureRiven with hand cut edges
Thickness20mm nominal
Handcut Sizes18.9m2 pack contains 34 slabs; 15m2 pack contains 28 slabs; 12m2 pack contains 22 slabs; 10m2 pack contains 18 slabs; 8m2 pack contains 14 slabs; 6m2 pack contains 11 slabs; 5m2 pack contains 9 slab. The quantity will vary depending on pack size.
Pack Size18.9m2 coverage for full pack
Weight (kg)The full pallet is 1000kg

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving

  • Low Maintenance
  • Riven & Tumbled Surface Texture
  • Hand Dressed Edges
  • Looks Great Wet & Dry
  • CE Approved

Create a traditional ambiance in your garden with our Kandla Grey Sandstone, one of the most popular styles of Indian stone paving on the market! Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving showcases a stunning spectrum of grey tones, brightening up any garden and creating a more spacious feel. Ethically sourced, this sandstone promises a patio full of character and is a household favorite, offering the unique charm and allure that only natural stone paving can provide. Choose from 600×900 pavers or mixed-size patio kits, ideal for random laying to fit your space and create a distinctive design. Each paver features its own unique tones, naturally formed over thousands of years. The riven surface texture helps maintain grip underfoot and is tumbled to smooth out any harsh ridges. This Indian stone paving is perfectly suited for the British climate, enduring even the harshest weather conditions, with frost resistance ensuring your paving looks impeccable all year round. Each slab is calibrated to a 22mm thickness and features a riven surface, created by splitting the stone along its natural layers for an authentic finish. The hand-dressed edges enhance the organic look of the riven sandstone paving, adding timeless appeal to any garden. As a completely natural product, sandstone will exhibit variations in color, tone, and pattern, making each piece unique. These variations are a hallmark of natural stone, and exact colors can’t be predetermined. Explore the full range of product images for a comprehensive view of the natural color variations possible. Colors will appear more vibrant when wet and subtler before installation and when the stone is dry.

19 sqmt (22mm) Crate



Dimensions19 cm












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