Rippon Buff. Mixed Patio Pack Size 18.19 sqmt (22mm)

£22.20 Inc VAT

Raj Green Sandstone will transform your garden with its shades of greens, browns, buffs and greys, giving your home’s outside appearance an eye-catching natural appeal, and available in a variety of colors to suit any design.


Providing the finest quality Indian Sandstone at the Best Prices:

We operate our own stone quarries in India, enabling us to exercise transparent and complete control over quality, inventory, inspections and streamline all aspects of planning to meet our client’s project deadlines.

Sometimes referred to as Raj Blend Sandstone, this garden paving option offers the charm and appeal that only natural sandstone paving can provide. The beautiful variation in color throughout means that no board is the same, and each paver has its own unique hue and texture that has developed naturally over thousands of years, accentuating when wet and more subtle when dry. With a naturally cracked surface texture, this Indian stone is suitable for any traditional patio design and is one of our most popular choices for garden paving.

Raj Green Sandstone has stood the test of time even in severe weather and is suitable for the UK climate, offering a strong and durable paving option that will last for decades. The cracked surface texture of Indian Sandstone Paving will help maintain grip underfoot and is frost resistant to help keep your paving in top condition all year round! Each slate is calibrated to a thickness of 22mm and has a cracked surface texture that forms naturally when the stone is separated along with its layers, providing a truly authentic finish. Each sandstone slab features hand-treated edges that add a natural, organic look and feel to cracked sandstone paving.

Dimensions 18.19 cm




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